Service Master

A demonstration of Garage Management System(Service Master) at Concorde Motors Ltd.


A professional online database for KEPAWAE developed by DoyenSystems Ltd.

NACIE Training

One of DoyenSystems employees conducting training for county Ministry of Agriculture Administrators at Mombasa

Service Master Demo

A demonstration of Garage Management System(Service Master) to Vas Auto Centre Ltd staff

NACIE Training

One of DoyenSystems employees conducting training for county Ministry of Agriculture Administrators at Mombasa

User Support

DoyenSystems employees traversing the country to conduct user training.

NACIE System

A screenshot of the NACIE (Nafis commodities and inputs exchange) system


Smataschool is a School Management System that automates all school management operations. It seamlessly integrates student admission,fees management ,accounting, academics ,message broadcasting, management reporting,security and disaster recovery modules among others.It is a very user friendly system designed using robust software development technologies with capability of integrating with other systems.

MODULE 1:Student Admission.


Admission invitation;

  1. Generate and print admission letter and all the admission requirements and fee structure.
  2. Prints envelops with details of student to invite for admission addressed to primary school attended.


  1. Checklist of student admission requirements during admission process.
  2. Captures student bio data for future reference.
  3. Auto generate unique admission Numbers.
  4. Allocate hostel, Dormitory, cube if applicable and bed no to a student to track the student effectively.

Student statistics;

          Generates/Print/export to excel student statistics based on statistic type i.e if the student has dropped, graduated, expelled, suspended etc;

MODULE 2: Student Finance

         Generate/ print/emails fee structure and fee statement to guardian/Parent

MODULE 3: Accounting

         Keep track of cash flow from bank to school and from school to bank for reconciliation

MODULE 4:Academic

  1. Grading and positioning of the student in a class.
  2. Generate/ print/email student report form to parent/Guardian.
  3. Generate/ print School K.C.S.E/K.C.P.E progress performance reports over the years as well as graphical representation of the same.


  1. Student progress performance over the academic year(s).
  2. Periodic (Term) Report form.
  3. Class performance report; this shows student placed in their respective performance position.
  4. Subject performance on both End terms and KCPE or KCSE Exam.


  1. Computes fee balance per student and SMS the same to the parent/Guardian.
  2. Compute student performance every term and SMS the same to Parent/ Guardian.
  3. SMS customized special announcements e.g. fund raising, opening/closing day, parents day, marketing etc. to guardian/ parents/teacher or alumnae of the school on demand.

Other Modules and features

  1. Security module, System maintenance, reporting modules with over 50 reports and graphs.
  2. Automated backup for disaster recovery.


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